☺︎Things I found most annoying about Liberals.

    I am learning about liberalism in sociology and anthropology, while constantly trying to challenge it. This semester has been great so far. I befriended many native Minnesotans in my sociology and anthropology classes. Minnesota is a very liberal state, a blue "enclave" in 2016 election. And my school has a huge white population, [...]


me & music

Nowadays, the easy sharing of art make all kinds of artistic work disposable. When you find a musician whose piece remind you of your imagination of a paradise on the earth, or a longing for loved ones, or recall a bittersweet memory you had, you buy their CD instead of streaming them online, so you [...]

“You are loved”

About my social anxiety. In the past, I was told about why social life is bad for me, and how to protect myself too much. I got used to studying alone, and entertaining alone. But I always feel like there is something not done. I need some people! I need to open myself, there is [...]


June 16, København I love how open, yet how original Copenhagen is. As the capital city, Copenhagen looks like my home, Beijing in some ways, as it experienced both history and modern changes; But it is better inside out. In Beijing, many apartment buildings we have were massively built up in the 1980s without any artistic [...]