“You are loved”

About my social anxiety. In the past, I was told about why social life is bad for me, and how to protect myself too much. I got used to studying alone, and entertaining alone. But I always feel like there is something not done. I need some people! I need to open myself, there is [...]


SKNA -Learning in Norway-

2 weeks in Iceland, Denmark and Sweden. 6 weeks in Norway. Sounds a lot of time? But also seems like I haven't spend any time at all. I hope I can let time slow down and look back at those good memories... like how I sat on the bus to Bergen for hours, barely looking [...]


June 16, København I love how open, yet how original Copenhagen is. As the capital city, Copenhagen looks like my home, Beijing in some ways, as it experienced both history and modern changes; But it is better inside out. In Beijing, many apartment buildings we have were massively built up in the 1980s without any artistic [...]


It took some time for me to decide what to write about the stay in Scandinavia. On Jun 13, I took a flight from Reykjavik, Iceland to Copenhagen, Denmark. For the next 52 days, I stayed in Scandinavia, the destination I have dreamed of for years. In order to distinguish myself from those ordinary visitors, I [...]

Iceland. Ísland.

Ísland - Before I begin Ísland. I heard about this country for the first time when it announced its bankruptcy in 2008. People joked about it, saying its people loved a lazy way of life without any economic pressure... Why is there even a country near the Arctic circle, and what kind of unusual way life those [...]


Just before my 20th birthday, on my way to the airport for my flight to Iceland, I saw a passage about Natalie Portman. She has the same birthday as mine, June 9. And she is such a flawless individual that I can never become. I have been thinking about my future sometimes but most of [...]