June 16, København I love how open, yet how original Copenhagen is. As the capital city, Copenhagen looks like my home, Beijing in some ways, as it experienced both history and modern changes; But it is better inside out. In Beijing, many apartment buildings we have were massively built up in the 1980s without any artistic [...]



It took some time for me to decide what to write about the stay in Scandinavia. On Jun 13, I took a flight from Reykjavik, Iceland to Copenhagen, Denmark. For the next 52 days, I stayed in Scandinavia, the destination I have dreamed of for years. In order to distinguish myself from those ordinary visitors, I [...]

Iceland. Ísland.

Ísland - Before I begin Ísland. I heard about this country for the first time when it announced its bankruptcy in 2008. People joked about it, saying its people loved a lazy way of life without any economic pressure... Why is there even a country near the Arctic circle, and what kind of unusual way life those [...]


Just before my 20th birthday, on my way to the airport for my flight to Iceland, I saw a passage about Natalie Portman. She has the same birthday as mine, June 9. And she is such a flawless individual that I can never become. I have been thinking about my future sometimes but most of [...]


This is my phone number. I have been using it for 10 years since I got my first phone. It was in primary school, when we trust people and make new friends easily. When we graduate in 2009, we told each other: we are friends now and forever. I promised from my heart that even [...]


This one is serious. Mom just skyped me yesterday that she and my dad plan to move to Hangzhou, my dad’s hometown due to the health condition of my grandpa and grandma. They will soon find new jobs and say goodbye to the apartment in Beijing, where we have lived since I was 4. I [...]


Attempt to take clean photos, like these on life magazines. Life may be imperfect, but we express our hope via photography. We travel like normal tourists. We followed the map, plan everything ahead of time, etc. We are kind of busy, but it doesn't stop our eyes from discover good angle, and capture every unique [...]