vegan thoughts in one blog post

I have been vegan for a while, but I always wonder: Do we actually need to save the planet? How much can we do, compared to the earth? The Earth knows better about how to adjust itself, right? Isn't our “saving the planet by eating veggies” slogan is a propaganda for marketing purposes? Are we [...]


“You are loved”

About my social anxiety. In the past, I was told about why social life is bad for me, and how to protect myself too much. I got used to studying alone, and entertaining alone. But I always feel like there is something not done. I need some people! I need to open myself, there is [...]


Just before my 20th birthday, on my way to the airport for my flight to Iceland, I saw a passage about Natalie Portman. She has the same birthday as mine, June 9. And she is such a flawless individual that I can never become. I have been thinking about my future sometimes but most of [...]