Amazonia – just some random things from Ecuador…

There are way too many photos from last month, but here I am just sharing some random thoughts, and just about the highlights. I was in Ecuador where almost everyone wears a cross on the neck, where I lived in the host family with an American Christian girl who shares her beliefs and her worldview. [...]



Last night I saw northern lights. It was freaking beautiful. I’m not kidding, it happened. Through the glass of the resort, saw the green lights tinted the clouds little by little... Not gonna insta it since I don’t have photos and I don’t know where I was. But I can tell you - at that [...]

Me & Religion

So here comes the Christmas season: Lutefisk, Christmas festival, and many white Minnesotans singing hymns with our choirs. Two years ago, I was in the choir, singing for Jesus Christ alongside with many other American Christian students, in both the Lutheran chapel and the Christmas Festival. I was deeply touched by the love, hope, and [...]

me & music

Nowadays, the easy sharing of art make all kinds of artistic work disposable. When you find a musician whose piece remind you of your imagination of a paradise on the earth, or a longing for loved ones, or recall a bittersweet memory you had, you buy their CD instead of streaming them online, so you [...]