[First post]answers are found only by oneself

Hi there,Happy new year to you all!

So finally I have a blog here! This is the first post.
I had one when I was 14 to write my confusions of life, connection with the bigger world, and future. This is the time when I started to be aware of what I am going to face as a human being, and I still haven’t found the answers.
People of 21st century are alone and busy. They share diaries about their pains via Facebook or Twitter, while only a few friends leave comments with useful advice while the others are all commenting for fun. In long term, the only thing people expect is other’s attention. What a sad thing! 
I would, different from the majority, find the answers myself. I have been always convinced that I am living with the others; however, most of the time the only thing I have is solitude. It is a gift, however, for one who needs to ponder. 
I take photography, I listen to music, and I appreciate artworks. I relate them to my dream, my illusions, and imaginations. They are not just fairy-tale-like; sometimes they can be sophisticated.


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