Less is more



Since 65 years ago. The meaning of music? As a child, you didn't know that much. You just sit in front of the piano and practice; sometimes you looked at the window, and run outside. 60s-70s. You rocked with the Beatles while all people around you humming the enka played in the radio. While the [...]

Tiny Shine

I am alert of happy days. I mean, I try my best to grasp it, so it won't go. How is our world "filled with sunshine" like what people say? They are so unaware of the existence of dark matter which makes up most of the world. They don't know that we only occupy a tiny [...]


Snødag is a page of children book with only simple illustration of things; only simple happiness. A redesigned world. Or I am just the one who waits for the right one to come. He walks, stepping on the snow, making pleasant sounds. Bring me to somewhere below the glacier, because he is deep, he is [...]