The Greatest Transition I have ever experienced.

Fall 2016. I was a foreign Hillary supporter. Because I am a person of color, because I am a woman, and because I am foreign and did not plan to stay in the US. Most importantly, my friends will still be my friends, and they will be better friends if I say, #IStandWithHer. Friends shared memes on [...]


Seek God

I know I haven't been updating for a while. I was having a bad time for the past month, as at least 5 people unfriended me, either because that we don't get in touch often, or because they disagree with me politically. I had a serious misunderstanding of "being Christian. Those who claim to be Christian, [...]


Last night I saw northern lights. It was freaking beautiful. I’m not kidding, it happened. Through the glass of the resort, saw the green lights tinted the clouds little by little... Not gonna insta it since I don’t have photos and I don’t know where I was. But I can tell you - at that [...]